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Each month, we get super excited to announce our Charitees winners! Charitees is a monthly giveaway where we give back to the community by providing a local organization, charity, or club with tees they can wear for events and on the day to to day!

This month we’re celebrating the Rose Pedal Cycling Team from Connecticut! We provided the RosePedals Cycling team with T-shirts for their squad and friends and family at this year’s Closer to Free Ride. This year nine members tackled the 100 Mile ride in memory of Roseann Suraci and in personal honor of many others that have been impacted by cancer and two special individuals who received dedicated care at Smilow.

Not only were they able to wear their shirts the night before as well after the ride, but more than 20 of their supporters wore them as the hit various spots along the ride to cheer the team and the other riders along.  More than once someone was asked about the name or logo and it gave the team a chance to talk about Roseanne, their rider or personal cause. The team was able to train together this year, logging more than 6,000 training miles collectively, fundraise as a team raising more than $17,000, finish as a team, and decked out in our t-shirts, celebrate as a team!

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