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Summertime isn’t just about kicking back and enjoying the beach. Most families save summer for events like weddings, showers, camps, and group vacations. What better way to commemorate a special moment than with custom tees? We love creating event t-shirts because the excitement is there right from the get go. People are excited to celebrate and as a t-shirt company, you’re at the center of their celebration. It’s an important role for sure! But, where to start? We’ve got three fool-proof ways to make sure your event t-shirt is remembered for all of the right reasons.

Know Your Audience

Every event is unique, which means every audience is unique. Is your gathering a summer camp for families and their children? You might want to consider ordering a breathable blended tee so that all those kids running around don’t get sweaty for pickup with Mom and Dad.

Perhaps you’re organizing a music festival and need a nicer shirt to sell as merchandise. You’ll need a shirt that can be sold for a profit, one that says something like, “Hey! You need this t-shirt and should come back to this festival next year, too!” Every audience has different requirements, and we can help you find the right shirt that fits your budget and quality requirements.

Design Matters!

How frequently does your event occur? Only once a year? Maybe once every three months? You only have one chance to leave a lasting impression on those who attend your event, and we want to give you that opportunity. Choose something classic and easy to recognize and remember. We can help with that part!

Choosing the Perfect Garment

One size does not fit all in this case. You have to think about the weather for your event and the time of the year if you’re in a four-season climate like we are! If you’re planning a summer event, we recommend going with a tank, v-neck, or tri-blend to keep everyone cool. We do not only print on t-shirts. Jackets, hoodies, leggings, shorts, and everything in between are available too. If your company picnic is going to take place in September or October, consider ordering custom track jackets or long sleeve tees.

Keep these tips in mind and your next event will be a breeze and everyone will look great!

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