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Did you know that lip products are used by most Americans every day. In fact, 81 percent of women and 39 percent of men use lipstick or lip balm products. Branded lip balm offers can be given away in a variety of venues and can reach a wide range of target customers. With winter months coming up, everyone will love having a convenient and useful product that they can use every day! Using lip balm for your next marketing program is simple Here are some of our favorite ways to make this item work for you:

At Tradeshows

Random gifts and items that aren’t useful until you get back to the office are frequently given away at trade exhibitions. Use promotional lip balm to stand out from the crowd. This practical item can be immediately valuable to your target market. Your buyers will immediately start using the product, which makes for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, it helps your booth stand out at a sizable event where it might be difficult to do so.

At Networking Events

Everyone has experienced the feeling of needing a mint and lip balm halfway through an event. Giving friends and potential business partners mints might not go over well, but a branded lip balm is always a thoughtful alternative to a business card. The item works as a business card that people can keep for months if you print your phone number, website, and email on it.

At Checkouts

At the counter, everyone has pamphlets, menus, or business cards, yet the customer receives no benefit from these items. They are either recycled or discarded most of the time. Instead, include information about practical products like lip balm to entice them to utilize the products.

The great thing about lip balms and personal care items is that they have a higher usage rate, which means a higher impression of your brand across demographics. Think about seasonal personal care items that everyone needs and your marketing program will be successful!

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