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Welcome to Screen Tek!

Almost anyone can sell you a t-shirt with a simple logo on it. But only we have decades of experience and the know-how to walk you through exactly which product, design and budget you’ll need in order to achieve your business’ marketing goals. With an arsenal of more than 250,000 products, we will ensure the right match for your project. Your order doesn’t start with a catalogue and a credit card, it starts with a phone call to business branding experts Paul or Robert, who have been part of the Screen Tek family since their parents started the company almost 50 years ago.

More About Us

Custom Tees & Apparel

Remember that awesome t-shirt you saw? The one that made you laugh? The one where you just had to ask the person wearing it where they got it? That’s the power of a well-designed t-shirt. When done right, they get noticed and everyone wants one.

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Promo Products

Our website and catalogs are overflowing with inspiration just for you! We have everything you could possibly imagine to make your next big event something to remember. Let your imagination soar, and expand your reach with style.

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Better branding through sound values and social responsibility.

Re-usable Products

We promote re-usable products and try to use them wherever possible. Current trending products are metal straws, re-usable grocery totes and stainless-steel water bottles.

Fair Trade Clothing

We source Fair Trade clothing and utilize supply chain mapping to ensure ethical practices in our product manufacturers.

Environmentally Friendly

Gone are the days of dangerous chemicals. We use citrus based cleaners and EPA approved inks. Whenever we can, we look for the latest technology to help us reduce our environmental impact.


We will not decorate a product with a message or symbol of hate speech or discrimination. We firmly believe in a united community.

Support American Made

Whenever possible, we use American-made products. Not because we don’t believe in an interconnected world, but because we like to see the impact of our investments here at home.

Values Through Support

We also demonstrate our values when it comes to our customer service and our advice. Our consultative approach ensures we won’t sell a customer something we don’t think they need just to make an easy sale.


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for over 35 years.

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